Double-cooled Magnetic Bearing Chiller for Anodizing.

Double-cooled Magnetic Bearing Chiller for Anodizing.

The traditional chillers are mostly water-cooled centrifugal and screw type or air-cooled screw type.

Water-cooled chillers need supporting cooling towers, high-power cooling water pumps, and cooling water piping systems; while air-cooled chillers do not have equipment and piping for cooling water systems, but they have high power consumption, high noise, and low energy efficiency.

Evaporative cooling is the most efficient cooling method for heat exchangers, while KINGFIT's own research and development of micro-plate falling film evaporation and condensation technology is the most efficient form of heat transfer.

KINGFIT integrated frequency inverter micro-plate full falling-film double-cooled magnetic bearing chiller is the first one in China. The integrated high-efficiency and energy-saving products combining the magnetic bearing oil-free compressor technology and the independently-innovated micro-plate falling-film evaporation and condensation technology eliminates the shortcomings of traditional chillers and integrates the advantages of water-cooled and air-cooled methods. Simplified air-conditioning water systems, and oil free refrigeration systems.

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