Oil-free Mangetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller


Quiet operation with ultra low noise magnetic bearing technology is used in compressors. Main shafts of the compressors rotate at high speed without any mechanical contact.

Oil-free design to reduce costs. Oil-free operation eliminates complicated oil system, reducing operational and maintenance costs.

Redundancy design and efficient operation. Multiple compressors are installed on a shared evap. and cond., providing redundancy to ensure efficient operation of the equipment.

High energy efficiency and short payback period. Compared to conventional chillers, KINGFIT oil-free chillers can save 42% or even more operational costs with a payback period of just 2-3 years.

Environmental friendly, clean and safe. Use environmental friendly refrigerant R134a with zero ODP.

Intelligent control and high efficiency management. Unique PLC features adaptive control logic enables real-time optimization of the system to maintain best efficiency. Control panel has functions of capacity control, status display, fault diagnosis and other automatic control feature to ensure high efficiency management.

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